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Texans Wake Up & Concerned Parents of Texas

Texans Wake Up is one of the best resources out there on CSE (comprehensive sexual education) in our schools. Want to know what CSE is, how to identify it in your school, and some already identified examples of CSE in public schools? Texans Wake Up has laid a lot of groundwork that can be pulled from for Tennessee as well.

Concerned Parents of Texas have also 

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Find A Patriot

Find a Patriot's mission is to develop a liberty-centered, nurturing community that knows how to meaningfully connect with each other and develop a fellowship with other like-minded groups. Through building a network of resources we can support and strengthen the foundations of interpersonal connection, faith, family, commerce, and civic engagement in ways that support individual choice - not segregation and division.


Find patriot-owned business, suggest one for the directory, or add your own business.

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