Virtual Women's Bible Study


Why Deborah? Why Now?


Recently, the Biblical figure of Deborah has been coming up in conversations and settings to such a degree that it is not coincidence. We are in a spiritual battle - not political. And, as the "mom movement" gains momentum, I felt God nudging me to share this study with as many women who are willing to explore the leadership gifts God has given them.


Even if you don't think of yourself as a leader, you are. God has uniquely equipped each of us in the battle against evil and we cannot proceed in battle without the full armor, full blessing, and full devotion to God's call on our lives.

I met the author, Christa Hardin several years ago through Instagram and we would chat about our faith and our shared love of the Enneagram. She told me about this Bible Study that she wrote and sent me a copy. It has been the most impactful Bible Study in my life and I've revisited it often over the last almost 3 years.


This is an active workbook-style study and, when committed to the guide, you will spend time in God's word daily. We will come together on Thursdays via live, online video at 7pm CT for 12 weeks. 

To join the Bible Study, register online to receive information and links to each week's bible study session.

  • The only cost is that of purchasing the Bible Study ($9.99 on Amazon- link below).


The Bible study is open to women all over the world.

ake time zones into consideration, as there is currently no plan to record the sessions for later viewing. Be praying in advance of beginning this study - I certainly am praying for all of you/us!

About the Bible Study:

Modern female leaders are feeling desperate. It's hard to create a healthy balance of family and leadership roles in their lives. It's hard to face the almost insurmountable task of doing everything needed for their families to thrive while trying to be part of a meaningful ministry or job, especially without a roadmap.


Deborah, one of the most notable and inspiring judges of Israel, is a beautiful model of leadership for women to glean from in all seasons. Deborah balances everything today's modern woman deals with and more as a rare female leader in ancient Israel.


Join author and coach Christa Hardin, MA, on an unforgettable twelve-module journey toward living out your own godly calling as a woman of God with Deborah, a wonderful wife, a fair leader, a talented artist and singer, and a fierce warrior and judge as your inspirational Biblical role model. Complete with homework and life-changing and practical steps.