• Kristin Benton

Welcome to Hope + Logic

I don't share much about my personal life, but this has been a hard season. I am closing one business (thanks C0vid) and looking for new/additional work/projects... because bills.

The good news is I have extra time to fight against CSE in our schools right now. The bad news is that time may be limited once I take on more work to meet my financial obligations. What happens when I don't have the time to fight CSE? Is someone else stepping up?

Every day I spend working a J-O-B is a day that I am not fighting this evil and it is allowed to take further root in our children's schools.

That is why I launched Hope +Logic on Patreon. I personally know hundreds of parents that support this work in spirit and on social media. Now, I am asking that you support it in a different way. If enough patrons step up, we can all win - I can make ends meet and we can make a full court press against graphic pornography and radical sex theories being taught in our schools.

This is a full time war - a full time warrior is needed. Prayerfully consider financially supporting this fight.

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