• Kristin Benton

Closer to the Eye

Have you seen Lord of the Rings or read the books? I think most have and I keep coming back to the journey of the 9. We are in a battle for our children - for their future. Everything is riding on what we do. Many will start out on the journey but as we get closer to the eye, the circle becomes small. In fact, in LOTR, it was no longer a circle - it was just Frodo and Sam.

We see this first in scripture - Jesus speaking to crowds of hundreds and thousands. The number who stayed after were few and those that truly dropped everything to devote their lives to following Jesus and doing is work... well, it was 12. AND, at the end, when Christ was crucified, it was one of his own disciples that handed him over, and the disciples scattered, even denying they know him.

We are not fighting school boards - we are fighting Satan.

We arm ourselves with truth - truth that God has given us in scripture. Truth about sexual immorality. Truth about how Satan attacks all good things. This work has come under attach by those that want the same outcomes but don't welcome my efforts. My character has come under attack by those that I have prayed would fight WITH me, not against me.

ALL of this is Satan working to create chaos, confusion, and division.

BUT - when our sole purpose is fulfilling the call God has put on our lives and the work He has tasked us with - there will be NO WEAPON formed against us that will see ANY success. GOD is on the throne and I am right there, face down in the dirt, in front of Him with all of my imperfection and human ugliness, just trying to be obedient and courageous when the Pharisees come knocking and tricks of Satan are laid in front of me.

Be on your knees - we are approaching "the eye" and it's not for everyone.

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