"Parents Bill of Rights Act Introduced in Tennessee Legislature"  by Jason Vaughn, Tennessee Conservative News

Representative Weaver and Senator Bowling have introduced the “Parent Bill of Rights Act” in the Tennessee General Assembly to codify the rights of Tennessee parents in an effort to better protect children from various forms of harm inflicted by Local Education Agencies.

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"Parents' Bill of Rights Drafted by Tennessee Mom To Share With Lawmakers"  by Jason Vaughn, Tennessee Conservative News

Tennessee mom Kristin Benton has drafted a Parents Bill of Rights that she is encouraging Tennessee residents to share with legislators ahead of the reconvening of the TN General Assembly in January.

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Uncover DC: "TN School Board Mutes Livestream of Parents Reading Graphic Material" by Wendi Strauch Mahoney

A Williamson County, TN school board selectively muted audio during a public hearing featuring seven parents reading from sexually graphic books found in local middle and high school libraries on Monday. Board member, Carol Birdsong, unilaterally made the decision in real-time and without notice, citing “violations of FCC rules” as her rationale for muting the feed.

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JSlayUSA Podcast on Rumble- Part 2

Kristin Benton, named a domestic terrorist by the Biden administration, is fighting the Covid-19 PANTOMIME through legislation.

Pantomime: a dramatic entertainment, in which performers express meaning through exaggerated and extravagant gestures.

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JSlayUSA Podcast on Rumble- Part 1

When the Williamson County School board (TN) called a special session only one day into the 2021 school year in order to re-institute the mask mandate for all kids, local Mom Kristin Benson had had enough.


In Part 1, hear the wild ride she has been on ever since Williamson County schools and the Tennessee legislature have decided once again to see if they can push government Tyranny under the guise of safety, and harshly punishing those children who do not comply.

Here own children have been in ISS for the last two weeks. For those parents who say, "Just sign the exemption!" - this video is specifically for you.

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